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Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil                                                                            

The nose has a fresh, green scent leading to an upfront buttery flavour with a hint of green and a mild pepper finish. The cold pressed olive oil is unfiltered and naturally settled. Less than 0.4% acidity.


0000075 arbosana 300Arbosana Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

This extra virgin olive oil is produced from Tarragon Spain. It has a nutty and fruit forward flavour with notes of green tomato and almond. It has a touch of pepper on the finish. An excellent all-purpose oil. It will excel as a finishing oil. Try it over tomato-based salads or grilled fish such as halibut, swordfish, shrimp and scallops.

  standard Argentinian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This olive oil is a blend of Arbequina, Picual and Barnea.  This blend produces a sweet, buttery extra virgin olive oil with just a hint of a peppery finish. Mildly pungent, making it perfect for a dipping oil and all the places you don't want the oil to dominate the flavor. The Barnea varietal brings a perfect balance to the Arbequina and Picual allowing the best flavor attributes of all to come through


Avocado Extra Virgin Olive Oil





Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Coratina is an early harvest olive oil. Native to Italy, Coratina Olive oil is a fantastic base for marinades or to add some oomph to your Caprese Salad or grilled vegetables. Enjoy the green olive aroma and peppery finish. Complex from start to finish with a slight spicy aftertaste.

houseblend-oliveHouse Extra Virgin Olive Oil                                                                                      

This is a blend of three fantastic extra virgin olive oils: Coratina, Picual and Spanish Castile. What more can you ask for when it comes to food? Huge flavour for use in bread dipping and a wonderful base for your salad dressings.



Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This Italian extra virgin olive oil is mild up front with a green flavour, then moves to a small taste of bitterness with a big peppery finish. Good for bread dipping, salad dressing or to drizzle on food before serving.


koro greek-olive-treeKoroneiki Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The olives for this oil were hand picked in thePeloponnese and cold pressed to produce this fabulous oil. Some say this is the crown jewel of Greek extra virgin olive oils. Loaded with flavour, often used in recipes for chicken or lamb. Also perfect for dipping and salads. Monovarietal oil made from Koroneiki olives. Acidity is less than 0.4%


sesame seedSesame Seed Extra Virgin Olive Oil





Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil                                                                  

This beautiful extra virgin olive oil has a flavour profile of ripe olives with a hint of green apple and a nice small pepper finish. Less than 0.2% acidity.



Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This Spanish extra virgin olive oil blend is very robust with HUGE fruit flavour, just a small amount of bitterness and a bit of pepper. A great oil for finishing, for dipping bread, for salads and great to cook with too! A blend of Arbequina and Picual. Less than 0.4% acidity.

standard Turkish Extra Virgin Olive Oil



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